Stock Bodies

Our stock body program was created for the customers that are needing a truck body as FAST as possible.  We stock popular sizes and configurations that are complete and ready to be mounted or shipped out via flatbed. Take advantage of our stock body program and one day mount to get a body on a chassis in just days.  The bodies come with your choice of bumper, or you can choose from one of our popular liftgate options that we have in stock.

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Available Truck Bodies

26' Aluminum Body
26' Length I.D.
102" Width O.D.
102" Height I.D.
Translucent Roof
12Ga. Stainless Steel Rear Frame
Roll-up Rear Door
Rear Bumper or Liftgate Choice
1-1/8" Laminated Domestic Hardwood
Threshold Plate: 1/8" x 24" recessed
Plywood Front
12" x 12 ga steel scuff front wall